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Child Support Enforcement

The State of Texas has recently reformed the law in regards to child support. Because Texas is concerned with the welfare of its children, the legislature has allowed for more options to ensure child support payments are paid.

Most of these changes include things that many residents hold dear. These changes now include the option to place a lien on recreational licenses such as hunting and fishing licenses. That means that if a person fails to maintain their child support obligations, a lien can be placed against them prohibiting them from obtaining these types of licenses. Going to Academy and getting a fishing license for the weekend with the friends won’t happen if child support is not current.

These changes were added to the following:

  • Place a child support lien on the obligor’s real and personal assets, including bank accounts, retirement accounts, real estate (except Texas homestead), vehicles, computer equipment, etc.
  • Initiate income withholding for any place of employment and for the self employed.
  • File court action to secure a child support judgment, which is enforceable against all property.
  • When the children are younger than 20, request contempt of court, which can include jail time.
  • Request suspension of Texas driver’s and occupational licenses
  • Work with the Attorney General to secure passport suspension and income tax refunds

If faced with this issue, many questions can arise and contacting a family law attorney is often best.

A family law attorney can explain the process to collect child support quickly and effectively.


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