First we addressed figuring out the kind of life that is important to you.  Now think about what is important to you as your legacy.  Again, first think about a few questions:

  1. How do you want your family and friends to remember you?  How would you write your obituary?  Would they write it the same way?

If there are particular qualities of yours that are the most important to be remembered, do you live in a way that emphasizes those qualities?

  1. Are there physical things of particular importance to you as part of your legacy?  Art, jewelry, a classroom or building named for you, the three-generation family farm, the beach house where everyone gathers?

The first questions go to the personal and emotional legacy you leave; the second to your physical legacy.  Both are important.

There are many ways to preserve both of these legacies through estate planning.  Let me help you decide on your legacy in legal documents that protect your family and your assets.  Not having a properly-executed Will – and many computer-generated wills are not properly executed — may mean that your family will have a longer and more expensive probate process to deal with, and the State of Texas will decide who inherits those important family heirlooms or other property,  I’m here to help you protect your family and your legacy.


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